Feedbacks about the Works

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"Elegant, but friendly forms emerge from Baiyang’s design and fabrications, which easily describe this young and extraordinarily energetic jewelry talent. Being very forward in technique and classic in a true design sense, its so easy to wear her honest and beautiful creations anytime and anywhere, as these flattering and sculptural adornments will make the wearer feel and look their best! The first time I saw Baiyang’s beautiful jewelry in person, 2016, we had a lovely conversation about her work. I was mystified by the magical construction of the perfect spheres in precious metals. I was happy to purchase necklaces and earrings, and then arrange special commissions. The platinum heart pin is repurposed from my platinum and diamonds. I was inspired by her heart earrings, which she scaled up in size for a pin. ❤ "   - Wendy J.

"Bai is fully capable of implementing various designs and always seeking for greater perfection. One of my favorites is a pair of opal earrings. Such an elegant pair! The opal stones rest in Bai’s signature vine like wires, diffract light into flashes of rainbow. A subtle hint of those organic lines penetrating through the stones reminds me the windows of legendary gardens from the ancient city, Suzhou. It’s such a breeze to work with her, can’t wait for the next piece! "      - Bin L.

 "We first met Baiyang at the Baltimore Craft Show several years ago.  We perused her jewelry and visited with her, walked the entire rest of the show, and then returned to her booth, having realized that her work was the most exciting that we had seen.  Since that time, we have purchased several items from her, including earrings and bracelet.

Her work is stunningly beautiful and always original.  The platinum wire work is astonishing, and it looks beautiful both from a distance and up close.  The changing perspective between the delicate wire work and the overall geometric shapes is a delight for the eyes.  Her jewelry always generates admiring comments and questions.

Baiyang has been willing to work with us on special commissions, including asymmetrical pairs of earrings, stone selection, etc.  (She is not shy about telling us when something will not work, which actually is a great help.)  It is very exciting for us to have these pieces that reflect her aesthetic and craft, but that also reflect personal selections for us."       - David B.

"I first met Baiyang at the AACC Craft show in St. Paul and was instantly enchanted by her elegant creations.  Such lovely and delicate work.  I was equally intrigued by her career transformation- applying the skills she learned creating medical devices, such as patience, precision, often working with the same metals, into the creative expression of jewelry.
Baiyang’s art is infinitely wearable- light and durable- while being elegant and distinctive.  After having purchased earrings at the Craft Show, Baiyang customized a bracelet for me.  Such a joyful experience as she shared her process, educated me on various metals and created a piece which precisely fits me. A genuine pleasure. “ - Jenny 
“Working with Baiyang on a custom ring was a joyful experience! I feel so fortunate to have found such a warm, gifted and generous artist who was willing and able to customize her signature design with a diamond that has so much meaning for me. I was immediately struck by the genuine interest Baiyang took in my story.  I contacted her through her website and was pleasantly surprised to receive a quick reply with exactly the information I needed in order to move forward. Everything about the process was so easy and pleasurable.  I met with Baiyang several times and, in addition, she sent me photos of the ring in production.  When she finished the ring and put it on my finger, it brought tears to my eyes.  It is so beautiful! “ - Mrs. H