More than A Ring…

 When someone brings you a diamond engagement ring that they have owned for over 50 years, special care must be taken to transform it into a new custom work. Jewelry carries many stories and memories, and a ring this personal can’t be casually redesigned. I am always honored to take on such personal projects and find true joy in creating meaningful jewelry for my clients.

 This story starts with Mrs. H. She reached out to ask if I would repurpose the diamond from her  51 year old engagement ring. With a ring this important, we talked at great length so I could understand the sentiment behind her special ring. Mrs. H graciously shared her joyful wedding photos and I am excited that she gave me permission to share her beautiful day -- the photos really gave me goosebumps!  I felt really honored to work on something so important for a client. It's more than a ring.

Mrs. H and Mr. H became engaged in 1970 while still in college.  Having a limited budget, the original ring was set with a 0.44ct diamond in a traditional four prong band. As a special gift on their 25th wedding anniversary, Mr. H presented her a new ring with a 2.5 ct diamond to celebrate their 25 years together. The original engagement ring went into storage safely tucked away.

Mr. H passed away in 2013 and Mrs. H had the 25th anniversary diamond set into a pendant.  During the pandemic, Mrs. H reflected on her jewelry collection and all the memories tied to each piece. The year 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of their marriage. What better way to commemorate a lifetime of great memories than once again wear the diamond that began their journey. After hearing her story, I knew this diamond meant so much to her.  I promised to take great care of it. 

Mrs. H wanted a ring that could be worn everyday - a new heirloom that would remind her of so many happy moments in her life.  She admired one of my rings, but my original design had a smaller 0.15ct. diamond.  To accommodate her larger stone, we made small adjustments to the design all while keeping the proportions aesthetically aligned between the ring and diamond. We added a solid gold bar in the back which balanced the larger diagonal opening and this also allowed for future resize possibilities. 

Here are some photos of the process and the making. 

I have to admit, there was a sentimental moment when I hand delivered the ring to Mrs. H, and put the ring onto her finger. By seeing her reaction -- I think I did my job right. 


Let’s hear from Her:

Working with Baiyang on a custom ring was a joyful experience! I feel so fortunate to have found such a warm, gifted and generous artist who was willing and able to customize her signature design with a diamond that has so much meaning for me. I was immediately struck by the genuine interest Baiyang took in my story.  I contacted her through her website and was pleasantly surprised to receive a quick reply with exactly the information I needed in order to move forward. Everything about the process was so easy and pleasurable.  I met with Baiyang several times and, in addition, she sent me photos of the ring in production.  When she finished the ring and put it on my finger, it brought tears to my eyes.  It is so beautiful!