Crafting a Unique Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring: A Story of Personalization and Precision

Danica brought us a vibrant and unique Montana Sapphire, seeking the perfect engagement ring design. As a lover of sapphires, I was thrilled by this project - sapphire is one of the toughest stones, second only to diamond, making it ideal for everyday wear!

Montana sapphire is becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings due to its exceptional strength and stunning teal/blue-green color, which evokes natural wonders. Danica was drawn to this gemstone for its unique properties and striking color, making it the perfect choice for her ring.

Danica also requested an intricate flower petal design under the center stone and a unique cut sapphire set in a clean bezel design, which presented a challenge. We worked meticulously to execute her vision, and it took us a while to bring it to life.

After collaborating with Danica on her design preferences, we came up with a three-stone style that featured two pear-shaped diamonds flanking the Montana sapphire. The design was clean and classic yet had intricate details, including the flower petal design beneath the center stone. Throughout the design process, we shared sketches and ideas to ensure the ring would meet Danica's expectations and reflect her individuality.


Once we finalized the design, we created a computer rendering of the ring and printed 3D samples for Danica to try on. This allowed her to gauge the ring's size and comfort before construction.

The ring was cast in platinum, a metal we both love for its crisp look and durability. However, creating the intricate design and bezel setting required skilled craftsmanship, and we took great care in the polishing process to bring out the ring's intricacies.


We also documented the making process in a short video, which we hope you'll enjoy watching. Overall, this engagement ring project was a beautiful opportunity to create something inspiring and meaningful for Danica and her partner. It's an excellent example of how unique and personal engagement rings can be without the need for diamonds. We feel honored to have brought Danica's vision to life and wish the couple all the happiness in their future together.