Crafting a Unique Yellow Diamond Ring for a Busy Mom

When a dear friend asked us to create their perfect piece of sentiment, we were honored. Knowing that she is a busy mother of three and full-time worker, we wanted to craft a ring that was both easy to wear and minimal maintenance. Our friend desired something that was truly unique and special. That's when we thought of using a yellow diamond.

Yellow diamonds are highly sought after for their striking color and exceptional hardness. With a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, making them highly resistant to scratching and chipping. Our friend loved the idea of a yellow diamond and we set out to find the perfect one for her. 

After an extensive search, we found a stunning 1.26 carat fancy vivid yellow diamond in a rare pear shape. This diamond had a beautiful color and was highly coveted for its unique shape, which made it even more special. We knew that this diamond would be the centerpiece of our friend's ring.

To create a design that was both classic and unique, we crafted a platinum band and 18k yellow gold setting for the center diamond. The band gradually narrows towards the top, allowing the diamond to stand out even more. We also added some diamond pavé on the band to give the ring some extra sparkle. The end result was a beautiful, one-of-a-kind ring that our friend could cherish for a lifetime.