A Candy like Spessartine Ring II

Spessartine,  Mn2+3Al2(SiO4)3  belongs to the garnet group. I have a great appreciation for the natural orange-yellow color of the stone -- the way it glows in sunlight is spectacular. Sometimes I prefer to streamline the design for stones with such rich color and strong character.

Yi, a client from Atlanta, saw the 20 ct spessartine ring I made in June 2020.  She was drawn to the luster of the oval spessartine set perfectly in the 18K yellow gold bezel setting. The deep reflections in the spessartine glistened like tropical candy - hard to resist! She contacted us to see if we could custom build her a ring with a smaller stone more suitable to her style.  Always up for a challenge, we began to source stones and put together a curated selection just for her. Spessartine comes in an incredible range of colors. Some specimens have a brownish tone while others are more vibrant orange. That's the beauty of natural gemstones, each piece is unique!

Because Yi lives a little far from our studio in Northern California, all communication relied on email, phone calls, and video. Luckily we live in a time where visual communication is made a little easier with our phones.  We documented the stones under different lighting conditions and rotated them slowly to provide different viewing angles.  A movie clip isn’t the same as in-person consultation, but we captured the vibrance of the stones moving through different environments to show off the unique beauty of each specimen. We were able to easily help Yi find a perfect 13 ct candy-like round cabochon Spessartine! Take a look at this beauty.

The right stone for a project is just the beginning of the journey.  Check out the short video below of how this ring was born.  The ring was all hand fabricated in 18k royal yellow gold complete with a soft satin finish to provide more contrast with the gemmy Spessartine.