Treasure From The Sea

Nature is full of miracles, providing us with incredible treasures. What better example of this than the pearl. As one of the most romantic gemstones, its beautiful luster beckons us close to view the pearl’s inner glow. Known as the world’s oldest gem, pearls have been worn as a form of adornment since ancient times.

The neutral color and soft shape of pearls have captivated me for a long time. There are many varieties of pearls, but I prefer to work with South Sea and Tahitian pearls. These saltwater pearls have a beautiful color range and are cultivated at a size that complements the proportions of my work. When designing with pearls, I blend the pearl’s unique characteristics with my signature metalwork to create a harmonious composition.  

Pearls are soft gemstones, ranging between 2.5 and 4.5 on the Mohs scale. They are organic gems, so they are sensitive to extreme heat and acidity. Even though pearls may seem delicate, if proper care is taken, they can be worn for a lifetime.

Southsea Pearls and Tahitain Pearls

The Southsea Pearl Pendant.

This piece begins with a South Sea pearl - a natural beauty rolling freely in the hand. Slowly the metal structure was fabricated wire by wire curving around to encase the pearl. Soon the South Sea pearl was enclosed and hidden inside. Unlike traditional settings, the pearl is still agile, moving inside the golden bubble. This type of fabrication process is not easy. Pearls are sensitive to heat, so we worked with careful precision. I am drawn to pieces that challenge my craftsmanship, especially when the result is captivating!

From a distance, the South Sea pearl is almost unnoticeable. But upon closer inspection, there seems to be a mysterious glow emanating from the gold ball. The beauty of the pearl’s luster blends with the 18k warm yellow gold, creating an enticing silky gleam. But for the wearer, the movement of the pearl is a constant reminder of the hidden treasure.


We are always innovating... Here are some new pearl pieces we've added to the collection 


Pearl Earrings with Leaves


Pearl Studs






The Tahitian Pearl Earrings.

Tahitian pearls, often known as “black pearls” have a naturally dark tone that sets them apart from other pearl varieties. The color can range from glistening silver to a dramatic deep black but rotate the gem and you will see overtone colors that provide complex iridescence. Color reflections of green, blue, orange, and even purple glide across the surface. That's what makes the Tahitian pearl so rare and special.

 While designing the Tahitian pearl earrings, wearability was an important factor. With such a beautiful gem, the design needed to be suitable for every occasion. The smooth dark Tahitian pearls are paired with hollow gold bubbles to create an interesting contrast. Both have perfect round form but displayed different colors and textures. When worn, the pearls nestle neatly on the ear allowing the gold bubbles to position below the ear lobe. The airy, hollow form glimmers and complements a yellow-green overtone in the pearl. As the light moves through the wirework, the gold ball casts a deep tone shadow that mimics the pearl. An elegant earring for any occasion.

Explore these additional Tahitian pearl designs now available in our collection.

 Tahitian Pearl Pendant


Recently, I have added mother of pearl to my arsenal of materials for the Sea’s Treasure collection. In my opinion, the surface has a smooth iridescence that rivals the beauty of pearls. Mother of pearl is the inner layer of the oyster shell, so it is composed of the same material as pearls. To provide color variation, I selected a variety that displays rainbow luster.  

In the design process, the size of a pearl can limit the scale of the composition. In contrast, flat sheets of mother of pearl can be sourced as larger design elements. The material's form is excellent for layered compositions that complement our detailed wirework. The luster gleams through the warm gold with a halo of iridescence that shimmers as the layers playfully move. Lightweight with a classic silhouette, this jewelry functions well for everyday wear, whether going to work or off to a party.  

Are you familiar with conch pearls? The color of these natural pink pearls is spectacular, and each one is unique. These rare finds are formed within the naturally light pink queen conch mollusk shell. The 18k gold truly complements the lustrous sheen of this gem. Take a look at our latest pair of earrings crafted with these extraordinary materials.



The sea provides such mysterious beauty - I am honored to share the Sea’s Treasure with you in this Collection.