From Ancient to Innovation: New Opal Collection

Opal enchants with its play-of-color.  This radiant spectrum is caused by the arrangement of tiny spherical particles that diffract light into an array of rainbow hues. This beauty has been observed for centuries. In ancient Rome, this captivating stone named ‘opalus’ meant “to see a change in color.” Among opal varieties, crystal opal stands out for its transparent quality, enhancing its captivating play-of-color.

After completing several opal commission projects, like these custom opal earrings,  I finally resolved to bring opals into our featured collection. To find the stones with just the right color, I traveled to the 2024 Tucson Gem Show, the largest and most prestigious gem show in the world.

We spent several days searching and discovered some gorgeous one-of-a-kind opals from Australia and Ethiopia. I truly love the magical color in these stones and am excited they will be the center of our new collection. 

Following extensive design experimentation, the collection is ready to share with you.  The transparency of the stones we selected work beautifully with 18K yellow gold. 

The warm color of the gold embraces the opals as the light travels through the gem to highlight our signature fine wire work.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and I hope you enjoy them too!  The first of the collection debuted at the American Craft Council Baltimore show a few weeks ago. If you didn’t have time to visit the show, here are some photos to enjoy. 


Australian crystal opal earrings


Australian crystal opal necklace


Round opal necklace with gold petals