The Hidden Gem of Palo Alto - De Novo Gallery

In the early years of my jewelry practice, I dedicated all my time to creating new works in my small garage studio. After 18 months of hard work, I stepped back and realized it was crucial to find a place to connect my jewelry with collectors. In early 2015, I began the search for a jewelry gallery that would be the suitable fit for my collection.  

De Novo is a hidden gem in downtown Palo Alto, California. I fell in love with the store during my first visit. The gallery showcases many well-known studio artists from around the world - each with a distinguished way of creating their work. The displays are incredibly beautiful, and the warm and friendly staff memorably introduce each artist’s work.  

De Novo Gallery

Approaching the gallery owner with my first collection, I held modest expectations.  My work was still a little premature, but to my surprise, she loved what I brought in to share and was excited to present my work. Shortly thereafter, my work found a home in this beautiful gallery.  De Novo became my first gallery, but importantly, has played a significant role in the development of my work. 

 Fast forward –  De Novo hosted my first trunk show in California during the 2023 holiday season. This special event allowed me to show my entire collection and meet in person with collectors and visitors to the gallery. I spent three days getting to know all the De Novo team members.  To me, these personal interactions go beyond merely selling jewelry, they represent a genuine community that loves contemporary jewelry.

Hopefully, we can organize another curated show this year again.